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COVID-19 Update

March 17, 2020

To all the WA Blues Faithful,

It is with a very heavy 💙 that the WA Blues must announce that Thursday night’s gathering and all future scheduled WA Blues events for season 2020 are cancelled until further notice.

Let me say firstly, that this decision has involved many key stakeholders of the WA Blues.

Every single person involved in this decision, has had the wellbeing and best interest of, first and foremost, the No.1 members and supporters in WA as well as the community at large, in the wake of the COVID-19 surge.

We have been monitoring this evolving situation collectively, by the minute and remaining in constant contact with each other.

Again, with the WA Bluebaggers welfare being front and centre of every conversation.

Ongoing reports of people in the community inadvertently breaking quarantine, evolving information globally regarding the spread of the virus, the effect of gatherings, advice from medical experts, as well as many other factors, have left us with no alternative other than this most gut wrenching course of action.

Today at 09:27, we had a lengthy teleconference at which time we decided this would be the best course of action.

We then spoke to our liaison at the Carlton Football Club to inform them of our decision. The club are gutted, although extremely supportive and understanding, as well as very pleased with our proactive approach in doing our bit to halt this infection from spreading in the community.

During this time, if ANY of you are feeling overwhelmed by this news or by the current climate at large in regards to the changing landscape and fear as a result of COVID-19, please do not hesitate to reach out to your WA Blue brothers and sisters for support, or experts if required.

In the meantime, keep washing those hands, remain educated and as always…


The Carlton Football Club Member Network of Western Australia

P.S. This will devastate the club nationwide so the best way to support them is, as silly as it may sound at the moment, become a Carlton FC member!


Carlton Football Club Supporter Group: WA Blues

We are the official Western Australian supporter group for The Carlton Football Club. We were established by Carlton in 1992. We regularly get together at our home base to watch live games of the mighty Blues. As a committee, we also help Carlton with pre and post match functions when the club travels to Perth.


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