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2022 Tri-Annual General Meeting

October 4, 2022

Carlton Football Club Member Network WA
2022 Tri-Annual General Meeting
Attention All Members

All members are hereby advised that the Tri-Annual General Meeting of the Carlton Football Club Member Network WA will be held as follows:

When: Saturday 22nd October 2022 from 11am
Where: Baby Shoe Bar, Yagan Square 376-420 Wellington Street, Perth

To attend the TAGM, you must produce your 2022 or 2023 membership AND valid ID.

As a Carlton Football Club Member, you have a vote.

This is an important meeting, this trimester in regards to having a quorum of at least 10 members for voting. A quorum is essential in order to address items of business.

Call For Nominations

Nominations are requested for the 2023-2025 Committee.

All nominees should carefully read the Conditions for Nomination in the document below. Also included below is the current WA Blues constitution.


Carlton Football Club Supporter Group: WA Blues

We are the official Western Australian supporter group for The Carlton Football Club. We were established by Carlton in 1992. We regularly get together at our home base to watch live games of the mighty Blues. As a committee, we also help Carlton with pre and post match functions when the club travels to Perth.


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